S2 E1 - Preservation Part 1

The train leaves London and continues on it's journey through post-apocalyptic England, heading to the small town of Longshadow, famed for it's beautiful centuries old church. Oliver and Vasker set out to explore the town but when the buildings literally dissolve around them things get more complicated, encountering a group of people who takes their views on art and culture even more seriously than Vasker.

Also featuring minutes from the latest Dystopia Steering Group Meeting and an interview with the train's resident pathologist and coroner Dr. Milen Radev.

In this episode Dr. Milen Radev was played by A. R Olivieri, creator of the fantastic dystopian fantasy audiodrama 2298, go to www.soundcloud.com/2298pod to listen to the podcast.

Theme music is as always provided by the talented Chip Michael, for more of Chip's music go to www.soundcloud.com/chipmichael.