For people who think about the end of the world Too much...


The Apocalypse Canon

For years I have loved consuming apocalypse fiction - books, games, tv shows, films and more recently podcasts -  from zombies to plagues to evil robots. 


Zombies - my first foray into apocalypse, start at the beginning with Night of the Living Dead through to The Walking Dead via World War Z (the book, obviously) and the Shaun of the Dead.


The Road - perhaps the bleakest film of all time showing just how awful things might get. While not my favourite apocalypse film it was perhaps the most memorable


Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - The planet is destroyed at the beginning which sets off perhaps the greatest assembled cast of characters on a myriad of adventures.


"Zombies" - the many varied and wonderful not quite zombies, all those creatures that don't quite meet the criteria but are lots of fun anyway.  


Mad Max Quadrology - the quality of the four films varies a little but all of them are full of great apocalyptic ideas with Mad Max : Fury Road as the best apocalypse film, or just film, of recent years