Richard Oliver is the host of A Rail Tour of Post-Apocalyptic England. An English refugee Oliver fled his hometown of Haverton in the north-east of England and has spent most of his life travelling around Europe and North America. Oliver started working as a podcaster and travel writer several years ago and has made previous podcasts - The Hitchhiker's Guide To Undead Europe and The Thirteen Colonies By Zeppelin.

Oliver produces his show with only minor assistance from his assistant, Knox, and jealously guards his editorial freedom.

There are few things I’m willing to fight for – and incidentally none that I’m willing to die for
— Richard Oliver


Richard Norton is the real world alter-ego of Richard Oliver who writes, performs and produces At The End Of The Line. While the two men have much in common they do have important differences, such as Richard Norton does not have a drinking problem. Richard Norton wrote, produced and performed all of Season One (with Eva Charles playing Lizzie Cooper in one episode).




Victoria Dubendorf is At the End of the Line’s newest team member (and passenger). She is the show’s new audio engineer, and is excited to join the train. In addition to the audio side of things, Victoria will be voicing two characters through the second season.


Stepping off the train and into current times, Victoria attends Temple University in Philadelphia,  U.S.A, studying Media Studies and Production, with a heavy focus in audio. She is an avid fan of all things sound, especially audio dramas and National Public Radio.

Victoria left the team to focus on her own podcast, the brilliant audiodrama Athena.


In between Season One and Two Chip Michael was kind enough to create theme music for the show. Find more of Chip's music at Chip is also part of the brilliant audiodrama Tales of Sage and Savant, which I highly recommend -